Why This Website

Updated: May 25, 2020

I feel its best to reveal my intentions at the very beginning of this journey.

I recently learned that acquiring knowledge but not sharing is a form of elitism. So, for the obvious reason of not wanting to become an elitist, I will try to share knowledge as I acquire it.

Apart from that this website will serve a couple more purposes. It will establish my online presence. I will be able to recommend stuff (books, articles, things, etc.) of profound value to me. Most importantly, I will be forced to review the content that I consume before publishing it.

My aim here is not to grow a large audience that I fail to deliver value to. I’ll be much happier with a very small and targeted one, one which I can be useful to.

So, for the same reason, I’ll try to be as precise and clear as possible. I, in no way, will try to stretch my posts.

If you ever feel that I’m failing to do the above. Feel free to give me a poke at

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