Thoughts On Busy-ness

Busy-ness or being busy is more than what we think it is. Here are a few counterintuitive thoughts.

Being busy all the time is like having a myopic view. It doesn’t let us look far enough. We get so involved working that we forget to give our efforts a direction. Sometimes just putting out fires, not doing what actually drives progress.

Bob Hawke put it the best, “Things which are the most important, never scream the loudest”.

* My sister Nittyaa made this on my request. Check out her website here.

We could be using it as an excuse. An excuse to avoid certain things. Cooking stories to support it.

It can become a matter of pride. The state of being occupied, giving us a feeling of importance. Only fueling our egos.

On the contrary, what it actually shows is that we have no control over our time, our priorities, or our life. We’re probably micro-managing or not handling it well. What we might need is help. We must swallow the pride and go ask for help.

If what we do is vital to us, then carrying on this way is doing a disservice to our purpose. The above is nothing but our obsession for struggle porn.

Busy-ness can also be misleading. It can create the illusion of being productive. But often, productivity and work don’t have a direct relation with it. We could merely be filling ourselves up with the non-essential.

Lastly, we could be punishing ourselves being busy. Acting out of guilt, rather than rationality. But more on that later.

Often whenever busy-ness attacks it in a combination of the above thoughts. Proving to be a more significant obstacle.

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