The Magic Of Starting Small

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Starting small is one of those things where the upsides are unlimited and the downsides are next to none. We don’t realise how much we underestimate the power of this simple concept.

Rather we start thinking too highly of ourselves and fall for, what I’d like to call, the myth of big launches.

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The Myth of Big Launches

Now, some things and some very specific situations do require us launching ourselves or something big, but more often than not this is not the case. And, we’re going to ignore those exceptions.

In simpler parts of life, where the stakes are perceived to be lower, we almost naturally think of starting small. Yet we make the mistake of doing the opposite in places where not only can’t we afford to do so, but the stakes are much higher.

If you were to start a new hobby, let’s say learning how to pull perfect espresso shots, you’d obviously want to start small. You’d like to go for the cheapest available setup. Maybe, not even that, you’ll experiment on some friend’s setup first.

But think about starting a new business, and grand visions and huge launch parties are what you think of.

Chances are you’ll become too emotionally involved. And sunk-cost bias would take you down like Shakuni whispering into your ear. At such points, It’s almost impossible to walk out. Guilty is what plagues you and the tag of failure hangs by your neck.

This pattern or way of thought is one of the many things that do a really good job disguising themselves as harmless. And under this simplistic disguise, it does us much more harm than we can possibly imagine. It is nothing but toxic.

What’s surprising here is, that most of us naturally gravitate towards this approach. And, this urge must be resisted too.

Let’s talk about the magic of starting small.

First, it allows you to experiment as much as you can. You’d obviously want to know if it is for you. Experimentation is the only way to know.

As a result, you will automatically collect precious data along the way. This data or knowledge will prove to be of great importance if the situation demands you to pivot.

You are free to make as many mistakes as you want. If you are someone who cares about his/her reputation, then this approach relieves you of a stressor.

You can even dabble from one thing to another. Totally guilt-free. Imagine that.

Moreover, it will let you build confidence through small wins.

If you still fear to start small, just remember that you can always re-launch.

Start small, but start!

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