On Hoarding

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

The beginning of March revealed a very dark side of people. Amid the rumours of a lock-down, people started hoarding food, groceries, and other essentials. The hoarding of sanitizers and toilet-paper outraged people the most.

* My sister Nittyaa made this on my request. Check out her website here.

It was pretty evident that panic was the catalyst in this situation. So, when we look at panic, trying to understand it. The first thing we notice is that it brings out the worst in people (at least most times). Going a bit further we see fear lurking in the shadows.

Hoarding stuff makes us feel secure against uncertainty. It makes us feel prepared in some way.

The gravity of the situation just made our search easier. With this knowledge let’s look at hoarding in our regular lives.

The majority of us live in cluttered environments. This clutter is the result of our hoarding nature. We think something is necessary, even when it’s not.

More often than not, we have control over this. Yet, the fear makes us do nothing about it.

Just like earlier, the hoarded stuff gives us a feeling of safety. So, we keep cluttering and hoarding.

But this is where the problems begin. The fear is irrational. It deludes us from seeing how much stress this clutter brings.

Since fear does a really good job disguising itself. We can’t spot the source of the stress. Which, in turn, leads to even more stress. And this gives birth to a constantly growing, downgrading spiral. We end up like a hamster on the wheel.

The environment that we create around ourselves, our home or office, is a living testament of our state of mind.

Moreover, it may start rubbing on people around us.

This is where the philosophy of Minimalism or Essentialism comes in. But let’s save that for some other time.

To liberate yourself from it, you have to be aware of this phenomenon first. You don’t need anybody’s help after that. Just be ruthless with clutter and you’ll be fine.

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