Instant Coffee Is Not Really Coffee!

Since the past two decades, the Indian coffee market has been dominated largely by instant coffee brands like Nescafe and Bru. Over several hundred rounds of guerrilla advertising, these companies succeeded in brainwashing the Indian consumer about what coffee looks and tastes like. After all, this what remained in the Indian consumer’s mind was the image of instant coffee as ‘normal’ coffee. Coffee lovers would scoff at this. So much had been done, that the concept of brewing and drinking speciality coffee became alien to most Indian households, especially in the northern parts of India.

Apart from all the advertising, instant coffee took over so rapidly for several other reasons. There is no equipment involved, the process couldn’t have been easier and its dirt cheap in comparison to speciality coffee. But there is a huge caveat here. Instant coffee is not how coffee is supposed to taste. It only highlights the bitter profile of coffee. Whereas there is so much more to coffee than just bitterness. Go and drink a light roasted coffee and soon you’ll notice there are so many other flavours lingering in your cup. In fact, coffee is much more complex than wine, having more tasting notes. Shocking right!

During the process of making instant coffee, extracting at high temperature and freeze-drying at extremely low, the coffee loses most of its aromatics and other flavour profiles. In simpler words, there is no ‘coffee experience’ left at this point. It’s something else, altogether. Also, the coffee beans used by mass-market instant coffee companies are extremely low in quality. Most times its low-grade Robusta coffee. Something you wouldn’t really want to drink.

So not only is instant coffee cheap and bad in taste but it's misleading too. Misleading about the real taste of the coffee. After drinking speciality coffee for almost two years now, I can’t even imagine going back to instant coffee. On a few dreadful days, when I do drink instant coffee, there seem to be more differences than similarities.

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