I Switched To A Kindle

Updated: May 26, 2020

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I recently turned 19 and gifted myself a Kindle Paperwhite.

I love reading and get a lot of value out of books. Reading for me was more than just the contents of a book. The whole experience of reading a physical book- the feel, the smell and the touch- is therapeutic. In my early years, I mostly read fiction, some classics and the rare biography. During this time, I was repulsive to even the thought of reading on a gadget. There was no need to. Besides, I would never betray the print.

* My sister Nittyaa made this on my request. Check out her website here.

Slowly, non-fiction made its way into my reading. And, things started to change drastically. I was now underlining sentences, often whole paragraphs, and taking notes on the margins for referencing later. So, whenever the need to revisit those notes and highlights would arise, I would have to pick up the book and search for them. All this was fine until I wanted to revisit them during odd situations, away from the books. Things started to get rough since it wasn’t practical to carry them around. So, I experimented by typing them into Evernote. But, this process was way too cumbersome and I gave up soon.

In no time, my practical self was lobbying to make the switch. Still, there was a hint of scepticism in me. After watching a few review videos on YouTube, I finally made the switch.

I can highlight as much as I want. My highlights will appear in an Evernote folder, with a tool like Readwise. I can read in the dark. The battery lasts for weeks. There is a built-in dictionary that works offline too. My Goodreads account is also connected. And, books are a lot cheaper. This cover from Amazon auto wakes/sleeps the kindle, so I no longer have to press the button. It protects the device very well and can be folded into a stand.

I even made a little calculation. Because of the price difference, at around 50 to 75 books my Kindle would repay itself.

It’s been two months since I’ve been reading on a kindle. I will have to say, there are way more pluses than negatives. There is almost no friction left in the reading process. Occasionally, the kindle feels like a gadget and I miss the physical book. But the best part is I can always get physical books. I still collect books, but they are only signed copies, gifted book, some hardcovers and classics. At INR 13,000, the Kindle has proved to be one of the most valuable purchases that I have ever made.

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