Everything Popular is Wrong

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Most of us loved to daydream as kids. And still continue to do so. Sometimes, it was the guilty pleasure we unknowingly indulged in. Why guilty pleasure? Because we were told it’s not good. Staying in our heads is not good. There would be some underlying shame associated with it. Our bouts could only last as long someone would catch us. Everyone just kept painting it with dark colours. But we knew, it was harmless. It couldn’t have any consequences. Yet we were taught the contrary.

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And recently this popular belief has been shattered.

In a 2013 article in National Geographic, University of Florida Psychiatrist Eugenio Rothe told author Christine Dell’Amore that, as our minds wander, different parts of our brain activate, accessing information that may have previously been dormant or out of reach. According to Rothe, "This accounts for creativity, insights of wisdom and oftentimes the solutions to problems that the person had not considered."

Something as simplistic and harmless as daydreaming was being perceived the opposite.

This build-up brings us to the main subject of this article.

Oscar Wilde famously said; Everything popular is wrong”.

Now before you start reacting, bear with me for a minute.

Not only what he says fits perfectly with my story here but says much more.

Obviously, it was hyperbole. He meant, most social beliefs are either wrong or a result of a misunderstanding. Any media quickly loses its true meaning when passed into the public domain. Whatever remains is either false, out of context or misquoted.

Although still, this doesn’t mean everything is a lie, or we can’t believe people anymore. It means we must look at such popular conventions critically. Simply, not believing them the way they are. We can’t wait years for someone to shatter the myth, like in the case above.

Someone could argue that science-backed beliefs are exceptions. Which is true. Except, more often than not the research is bogus.

In fact, through this sceptic lens, we might even reach the true meaning of the convention.

Ultimately, we have to be our own filters. All we need is Judgement.

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